Sunday, August 2, 2015

Setting up Grails 3 in Spring Tool Suite (STS) or Eclipse

Steps to follow

1) Download grails 3.0.4
3) Add grails bin folder to your PATH environment variable
2) Reconfigure eclipse following the instructions here for Gradle support:
3) Import from bitbucket
4) Learn how to run application following documentation notes:
5) Open command-line, then change directory to the project folder, type 'grails run-app'

The other alternative is to try intelliJ

To use intelliJ with Grails, the following link can be helpful:

IntelliJ + Grails

1) Download IntelliJ community edition
2) Download Git SCM
3)  Open IntelliJ and click 'Check out from Version Control' and select 'Git'

4)  Copy and paste the Git URL and click Clone

5) Enter your password to access bitbucket

 Even IntelliJ suffers from the same problems as STS. So you will still have to use the command-line to invoke grails specific commands as mentioned in the following link:

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