Thursday, April 7, 2016

'npm' is not a Meteor command

I had previously installed Meteor months ago with the intention of giving it a go, but never got around to it. Fast forward to today, I tried to reinstall Meteor using the latest installer for version 1.3. Then I proceeded to follow the tutorials where one step required me enter the command:

meteor npm install

I received the following error:

'npm' is not a Meteor command. See 'meteor --help'.

It turns out that my version of Meteor was not actually updated by the installer. To check my meteor version I used the following command:

meteor --version

Which showed me "Meteor".


To upgrade meteor, run the following command:

meteor update


  1. Thanks for this post, very useful!
    I got the same " 'npm' is not a Meteor command' " error message.

  2. Thanks! This is what I needed to do. I was on 1.2.1, now 1.4.2