Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Native SQL query using Hibernate causes ArrayIndexOutOfBounds


In hibernate I was trying to use a native SQL query to retrieve records from the database when I encountered an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on the following piece of code:

                String sql = "SELECT * FROM fcs f"
                SQLQuery query = session.createSQLQuery(sql)                
                //query.setString(0, barcode.toString())
                try {
                    list = query.list()   // <-- ERROR HERE
                } catch(Exception e) {
                    ByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
                    PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(baos)
                    byte[] array = baos.toByteArray()
                    String exp = new String(array)

As you can see, I managed to dump out the stacktrace which looked as follows:

Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
   at org.hibernate.type.TypeHelper.disassemble(TypeHelper.java:146)
   at org.hibernate.cache.StandardQueryCache.put(StandardQueryCache.java:106)

The important thing to notice about this stacktrace is that the error happens out of the StandardQueryCache.


In grails, by default the standard query cache was enabled. To workaround the issue, I've disable it in the DataSource.groovy file as follows:

hibernate {
    cache.use_second_level_cache = false
    cache.use_query_cache = false
    cache.region.factory_class = 'net.sf.ehcache.hibernate.EhCacheRegionFactory'


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